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14 May 2015 @ 11:14 pm

Hello & Welcome to my blog!
Those of you who wants to be friends, please leave me comment here and tell me about yourself.
And why you want to be friends.
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20 December 2013 @ 02:53 pm
Now with my winter break, I can take the time to talk about something that happened while I had been inactive on LJ.
I have new biases and on top of that, sadly Yuya has stepped down from my husband spot!! ):

Well, I first got more into SHU-I A LOT... and my bias from there is Inseok.
He's actually really different to me, how to explain,... he's very down to earth, although he lives in his own world lol
I guess I can just imagine myself going out with someone like that XD

Secondly, I started loving Hey!Say! JUMP a lot too!! >Yamada Ryosuke<- is my bias lol
Cool & Baka might actually describe him well XD
I never really fell in love with people younger than me until Ryosuke, so somehow although he isn't in my real life, I think he taught me a lesson that YES, I can fall in love with younger people too XD

And lastly we have, Johnny's Jr. Yasui Kentaro and my nickname for him is Kentan XD
Tbh, when I first got into him after seeing him on the dramas I was watching, I thought he was another one that's younger than me but.... HE IS OLDER by couple months.. actually this doesn't really matter to me anymore but it just made me happy XD but how can he be older? He is so adorable and cute and he looks younger compared to me. He actually creeped up to taking the husband spot from Yuya, but I couldn't help my feelings... I have searched his lives in places I could and even when he just showed up for one second, he could make me flutter. I know that sounds crazy but he in general is just EVERYTHING to me now XD
I also heard he's very caring to the little Johnny's Jr. and I saw a live where I could see that, which made me really happy strangely. I really want to learn more about him since I recently got into him, and whatever I'm learning and seeing about him makes me love him more.

Well, truth is, Yuya still has my heart. He's my first love and I'll always keep the wonderful memories I spent with him.
Haha this is really silly how I talk like this to my idols... XD but really I still love Yuya and I still pay attention to everything he does, it's just I started liking someone else more ><

Anyways, what I thought was really funny about all these people is that they all like soccer in one way or another.
Yuya and Inseok is very into soccer and Yasui-kun and Ryosuke used to want to be a soccer player? I think XD
But maybe I have a thing for Soccer-type boys XDDDDDDD
16 August 2013 @ 05:18 pm

So I got a job and you may not believe it, but it's my first job EVER!!! lol
It's at a retail store and because of that, I am so into fashion lately
Well, I already was before, but now I'm actually wearing them :)

Every time I get paid, I buy clothes from that store... which I should stop doing!!!
But I can't help it, because we get new clothes coming in and I like a few of them
Though it's ridiculously expensive!!! D:

Well, I made a new twitter since my main one kind of turned into a Japanese only thing
Like, I only tweet in Japanese but I reply in English & Japanese but I felt bad, so I made one where I will tweet in English too, so if you have a twitter do follow it too !! It's @anewstarlight

You might have noticed, but I'm actually a big fan of SHU-I now :)
If you want to know anything about them, I'll gladly talk to you about them
and I suggest you to follow @shueyesubs if you get interested because that's the English SHU-I subbing team which I created so I'd be so happy to get more fans to talk about them with ^^

My life really revolves around shopping & fangirling !! ahh....

Oh, and if you could all pray or keep my friend in your thoughts I would be so grateful!
She is my best friend who made my college life so much better, me & her is like almost the exact same but she's like so much better XD Anyways, she introduced me to this group in my university and I was able to make friends... I was so thankful because before then, I didn't know anyone. This friend of mine also, takes me everywhere because I don't have a car, but she does so much for me and is always there for me (even if I don't sometime tell her I'm feeling down, she can cheer me up by a simple text) Well, she recently found out she was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease (which is a type of cancer) and has to stay in Taiwan for treatment... I really don't know how much my college life is going to change but it will change A LOT because ever since I entered college and a few days later I met her, we spent every day together, eating lunch, studying and just talking. I AM GOING TO MISS HER A LOT!!! and I can't say anymore or I'll start crying again, like a little kid XDDD and since she's being very positive about it and calling it a vacation to get a semester off school, I should be positive about it too.. but it's hard, but I'll do my best too! So please keep her in your thoughts & pray for her please!!!!

Thank you everyone so so much!!!!

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12 December 2012 @ 06:06 pm
みんな久しぶりぃ~! 元気?

Ok, well my reason for writing this entry is not to tell you my winter break has officially began but to tell you that I AM SO IN LOVE WITH WORLD QUEST SINGLE! I listened to it and I cried, and it's the second time I cried listening to their release. I don't usually cry listening to a song, it just doesn't happen unless I'm depressed or something, but that wasn't the case. I WAS JUST VERY HAPPY!!! It's sort of hard to explain but the songs are BEAUTIFUL. I had already been in love with the song, World Quest ever since I heard the full radio-rip so I was expecting an awesome single but not this much. I was very amazed and just... proud of where they are now the songs 36°C and Hello is my ultimate favorite songs in this single and now I regret not buying it.
I am DEFINITELY going to buy this single when I have the money >____< I NEEEEEEEEED it!!!!!!!

Other than that, I have now changed my 21st birthday wishlist XDDDD instead of a fantastic party with drinks and such, I REAAAALLY WANT WORLD QUEST SINGLE & Hamasaki Ayumi's again mini album. // why is my life revolving around CDs???// but that's ok because that would make me very happy and it would be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! XDDDD

I hope everyone is doing well,
Love you lots~~~
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09 August 2012 @ 09:25 pm

Hello, I bring to you yet another Chankapaana live!! :D
I'm sorry that the file name is mistaken!! I just realized I didn't write it correctly >__<

Well here it is!!


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28 July 2012 @ 02:54 am
Hello dear Chankapaanas!! A lot has passed by this last month, I got quite sick and since it was something new I didn't know how to cope with it so I just lied around and did nothing basically and also, a lot has been going on... so to not think about those things I wanted to start something I did when I created the journal. And that was making gifs, and since I wanted to distract myself from the world, it was decided. I really had fun making them, because of course, it's NEWS. I also felt really thankful to have NEWS around for me to escape to when I feel really exhausted from life xD

Well, here are the gifs and hope you like them :)

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19 July 2012 @ 04:03 am
Just because I haven't shared much :))

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Hope you all enjoy~
14 June 2012 @ 02:36 pm
I haven't shared anything in a while, and although this isn't related to NEWS or Tegomass or Tegoshi, I thought I would like to share it with everyone ^^ I hope you all enjoy and are excited for NEWS release!!!! 8D I can't wait to see them on TV again, promoting their new single <3

ZONE - treasure of the heart ~キミとボクの奇跡~
Release Date:
Bit-rate: 320kbps
File size: 57MB

01. treasure of the heart ~キミとボクの奇跡~
02. ユメノカナタ
03. Arigato
04. treasure of the heart ~キミとボクの奇跡~ Instrumental
05. ユメノカナタ -Instrumental-
06. Arigato -Instrumental-

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Release Date:
Bit-rate: 320kbps
File size: 39MB

02. Forever my friend ~僕らの未来図
03. HITORIJIME (Instrumental)
04. Forever my friend ~僕らの未来図 (Instrumental)

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18 February 2012 @ 01:34 am
Hi everyone, today, or yesterday.. lol I made a lj community to where I'll be posting my translations from now on :) So far, I put out my translations for U-KISS' lyrics (just 2)

So if anyone wants to follow me up, it'll be at hikarinonakade ( ^^ )

As for myself, I'm doing well, just hoping to do better in my science class >__<;;
& I'm mostly on twitter lately ( @mimijlife ) ^^ 

Hope everyone here is doing well too ~
09 January 2012 @ 12:29 am
YAY I'm so glad they returned and it's so hilarious!
I woke up to watch it at 7AM (at my time) and although I was dizzy & sleepy,
They can't stop me from laughing and having a good time 
Kirisan, why so cute? *__*

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